Success Stories

"I was widowed three years ago so I’ve got a special bond with my kids that most women would find it hard to accept. Terri and I met on Single Parent Dating and after talking for a while we discovered we both felt the same way about our families and started dating. Today we’re all very happy together and we’ve managed to create a whole new family!"

Terri and Mike met on Single Parent Dating

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Single Parent Dating Success Stories

Bob and Carol

"I wasn’t expecting to become a single father of two teens at the age of 50, but when my wife passed away unexpectedly that’s what happened. After a couple of years of coming to terms with things, I suddenly realised just how much I missed female company. I joined Single Dating and very quickly made a match with Carol, a mum of teens too! We hit it off laughing about our teens terrible tempers and today we’re one big happy family, even though a couple of our kids have flown the nest!"

Met on Single Parent Dating and together 1 year 4 months

Success Story

Rania and Andres

"I’m from Lebanon and don’t have family in the UK, so it was difficult to settle in and meet people, especially with a young child, but that was ok because work took up most of my time. But once my career had been on track for a year or so I decided it was time to start meeting people so I joined Single Parent Dating. Andre was my fifth and last date! He’s from Spain so he understands what it’s like to be away from home and all the things you’re familiar with. Now I feel doubly lucky because I have a great life in the UK and we’ve been to visit Andres’ kids in Spain a few times too!"

Met on Single Parent Dating and together 7 months

Success Story

James and Danielle

"As a single parent having a relationship wasn’t really my priority, so when I felt ready to date I knew I needed a man who understood that my kids came first. On single parent dating I met tons of guys who also had kids and went on some great dates with genuinely nice people. Even though I didn’t meet that perfect person, chatting and getting to know all those other people in the same boat as me was great fun. Then I decided to go out with James. He’d messaged me before but his pic had put me off, but he was so lovely I couldn’t resist meeting. When I saw him for the first time I realised his photo hadn’t done him justice at all and fancied him instantly! Thank god he was so persistent! Now we’ve been dating nearly six months and I couldn’t be happier."

Met on Single Parent Dating and together 6 months

Success Story

Paul and Jayne

"Jayne was the first to make contact. She messaged me but unlike previous conversations i’d had with other members this instantly felt different. We were relaxed with each other, got on well and had so much in common, making our chats something to look forward to. After a a few weeks of chatting online we arranged our first real date, at a local Indian restaurant (something that we both had a common love for) We had such a great night and shared a peck on the cheek come the end of the meal. Since then we went on a series of dates and got to know each other even better, several months later we felt that it was right and made the step to move in together and haven't looked back since. the only plan we have for the future right now? Just enjoy each others company and be happy!"

Met on Single Parent Dating and together 1 year 8 months

Success Story